Activity Report 1

This is a blog of a Neumann LLC in Japan. Neumann LLC works with IT and remote work. A member of the company is only me yet.

I do an activity report this week.

I got a bank account!

I started Neumann LLC last month. To get a bank account is the first barrier. The company just established doesn't have public credibility. Bank review was strict but I got a bank account.


I talk about technology. I am doing a research of Prisma this week. Prisma is a framework to create GraphQL server. Prisma is able to generate ORMs and Tables in the database (MySQL, PostgreSQL or MongoDB) from GraphQL schema. Prisma get you Queries and Mutations schema from TypeScript (or JavaScript) code. We can get GraphQL server so easy. I felt that when I read the tutorial. I tried to write the same code in the document, but it didn't work. Get started document was older than latest version's libraries. Especially, about Nexus and Nexus-prisma. These latest version works in Prisma2 but not Prisma. 

I was wondering. But my friend tells me about AWS AppSync and Amplify.

AWS AppSync and Amplify

AWS AppSync is similar to Prisma. We can create GraphQL server easy and connect AWS Cognito, DynamoDB, Aurora, etc. It looks like what I want. I try to study it. My friend told me "I have written a book about AWS AppSync and Amplify". I bought that.

The book wrote with my friend is (Japanese)



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