Activity Report 2

I moved

I moved to Suginami-ku in Tokyo. I lend a house in the name of the company. So, I got a company house. 

Why we create a new company? That is for saving tax. Rent can be used as expenses for company housing. I have to pay some rent for my company, but it is low-cost.

However, It was difficult for me to find a house. There are few properties lend in the name of the company in Japan. Furthermore, I have no public trust because I have created my company yet. I walked around some estate management companies. I looked for a property that was loosely examined. Only one house lets me lent.

RDB GUI client

What are you using RDB GUI client? For some year, I was worried about that. I have some request for that:

  • To work with cross platform (I'm using Win/Linux usually)
  • Easy to use but with fewer features
  • Supports multiple RDBs
I have some choices, but no favorites. A few months ago, I saw SQLTools. This was a plugin of VS Code. It supported multiple RDBs, easy to install and work with cross platform. I felt it was perfect! I was using that for a few months. As a result, I got a small frustration:
  • Automatically generated SQL file is disturbed (I have to remove that always)
  • Generated `. vscode` file wrote connection infos is disturbed (I edited my `~/.gitignore` or `.git/info/execute`)
So, I started to use Adminer. It is a PHP application worked in the browser. It has docker images officially. Then, we use it quickly in any OS (Win, Mac, Linux, etc...).


Continuing from last week, I'm trying to use AWS Amplify and AppSync. I created TODO app this week, according to the book. But, I barely did. I have almost no free time because of the move.

I felt AWS Amplify so useful and easy to create environments in AWS. But I was scared because I didn't know what it did. I have to learn more.



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