Activity Report 4

A VPN environment

I tried to set up a VPN environment in my house, but I was failed. I did the setup as documented, the router didn't work. I'm using a RTX830 (YAMAHA) while it has many documents.

Furthermore, IIJmio-hikari (a provider I'm having a contract) should take me a static IPv6 address, but I look changing that every day. Strangely, my laptop PC cannot connect as IPv6 addresses. I didn't make sense. I gave up.

I will try to open ports, next. I feel afraid to open the ports, but I don't have another way.


I'm creating a static site by Gatsby-js. I'm doing the community activities as nomadineers. "Nomadineers" is a coined word joined "nomad" and "engineers". I have created a nomadineers' web site. I wrote this by row HTML and row CSS. It is enough, because this site has only one page now. But, I want to do with multiple pages. To do that I was finding static web page generators.

I had several options:

Jekyll is a standard in Github pages. It is written in ruby. I'm sure that better use Node.js. We can create the website without javascript, but it has house rules. If we use Node.js we will get large benefits from JavaScript ecosystem. For the same reason, I don't choose HUGO.



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