Activity Report 5


During this week, I set up the VPN environment. I did successfully! In last week, I did fail. Because, I tried to make the VPN of IPv6. But, that didn't work. I gave up. This week, I made the VPN of IPv4. I reset the setting of connections for IPv4. I just input few information to the configuration pages in the router.

Furthermore, I used the Net Volate DNS. That gives me a domain without a static IP address. I don't contract a static IP address. So, I'm using dynamic IP addresses, but I'm able to use a same domain with the Net Volate DNS. It's awesome!

VS Code Remote SSH + VPN

It was the reason why I made the VPN environment, I want to use my desktop PC from out of my house. My desktop PC has high performance: 8-core CPU, 32MB RAM, M.2 SSD, etc. I always spent time for docker build. On my laptop PC, I spent more. I always drink coffee for waiting time.

I have the plan to use VS Code Remote SSH. That has a feature connecting to the desktop PC. I can do the work as same as using VS Code in a desktop PC.



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