Activity Report #6

Wake on LAN

I set up "Wake on LAN" (physics) using SwitchBot. Usually, "Wake on LAN" says the thing starting a computer with LAN. However, I used SwitchBot. This is a robot pushing (or pulling) the switch. This has the smart phone app. I can compute this robot with my smart phone. Furthermore, this robot can link to the smart speakers like Google Home, Alexa, etc. So, If I say "OK google, turn on the computer", this robot will push the power button on my computer.

I can wake up the computer when I am outside with Switch Bot and that app. If I want to use my computer from outside and that is not turned on, I can turn on that with Switch Bot.

Switch Bot can push the button long time (max 60 seconds). So, I can let the Switch bot to push the power button on my computer and restart that.


I'm learning English and Chinese by using Busuu. Busuu is the smart phone app and the web service. The web service is created recently. I'm so glad because I've been waiting for it for a long time. Busuu has many writing questions. Admittedly, I was able to remember spellings, yet entering characters on a smartphone was cumbersome. On my computer I can use my favorite keyboard. I'm able to learn more because I can type so fast. 



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